5 Essential Plants to Make Your Yard Pop This Fall!

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It’s fall, you want some color in your yard. Making your yard stand out isn’t always about adding color, its also adding different textures. Here are some ways to make your yard pop! These are our top picks, and should be an Essential part of your fall color every year!

Mums – Nothing says fall like Chrysanthemums. With the variety of colors (yellow, white, orange, purple) available they offer a great way to welcome the season.

Cabbage and Kales – These are used for their foliage to add a different texture to your landscape. They will compliment your fall colors beautifully!

Pansies – Commonly thought of as a sping annual, pansies are available in a variety of colors. They are hardy enough to last you through the frost of November.

Celosia is a great pic for the fall. they are typically hardy enough to last into the season and provide a different pop of color.

Ornamental peppers- Color does not always come from flowers. In this case, ornamental peppers can be a great way to compliment your other plantings.

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