Now is the time - Aerate and overseed your lawn!

What is Core Aeration?

Aeration is a process where cores are removed from the lawn. They are generally 1-2″ and are left on the lawn. Microbes help the cores to break down over a couple of weeks. 


September is the best time to Aerate, when the temperatures start to cool it is the perfect environment for new seed to germinate


What are the benefits of Aeration and Over-seeding?


Through the summer and year, the soil can become compacted. 

This makes it more difficult for the roots to absorb key elements to a healthy lawn including Water, Air, and Nutrients. 

A healthy lawn, helps prevent weeds as well. Weeds Love compacted soil, lawns do not. When the soil is less compact, the turf will be better suited to fight off those pesky weeds. 

The cores left on top of the lawn are broken down by microbes which will also help to break down thatch in the lawn. 

Over seeding without the core aeration is not beneficial. The soil is 99% of the time too compact so the new seed will not germinate. 


We find that core aeration and over seeding go hand in hand. The core aeration creates the perfect environment for new seed. When the seed falls into the cores, the seed is protected from anything like walking, mowing, etc. The cores also hold water very well to help the new seed germinate. Once the seed starts to germinate and the core starts to fill in with the now less compacted soil, the new seed can thrive. 


Q: Can I Aerate and overseed in the Spring? 


A: We do not recommend this. The temperatures rise in the spring which makes it more difficult for the seed to germinate. Also no weed control can be applied to the lawn or the seed will not germinate, so you will get many weeds that will be competing with the new seedlings, giving less than desired results. 


Q: What kind of seed is used? 


A: We use a high quality seed that we source from a company many golf courses use. It is a blend of Kentucky bluegrass, Tall fescue, Perenniell Rye, and few others. It is a sun shade mix. No lawn is 100% sun or shade. So the different turf seed/grass will thrive in different areas of the lawn.