How Long Should I Cut My Grass?

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How long Should I cut my grass?

The general rule for mowing your grass is not to remove more than 1/3 of the leaf area at a time.
If your lawn gets overgrown, you?ll want to gradually cut it down, starting with a high cut first, followed by a lower cut several days later, and follow suit until the desired length is achieved

Here in the northeast, we have cool-season grasses. This means they prefer the cooler weather, which is why in the hot summer months it will start to go dormant, and then green up again in September.

Cool Season grasses like to be mowed at about 2.5? to 3.5? tall. During the spring, you can cut in the 2.5-3? range. While in the summer, you?ll want to raise the height to 3.5?. This will help the grass tolerate the warmer summer temperatures.

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