Our Landscaping Services

Weekly Mowing

On a weekly basis, we mow your lawn weekly for optimum health and appearance. All obstacles and edges are string trimmed. To finish all paved areas are blown off. Weather permitting, we start mowing end of april/beginning of May.


We weed all of the beds and remove any additional buildup of mulch necessary. We then give all of the beds a fresh edge creating a clean separation from the lawn. This makes everything look its best, while also being easy to maintain in the future.

Spring Clean ups

Beds are all cleaned and raked by hand. The lawn is then blown off using leaf blowers to remove any leaves and sticks from the winter. We finish with a tine rake of the lawn which is similar to a heavy raking/light dethatch.


We can keep your lawn looking great with fertilizing. This is a 7 step program; 5 fertilizer, 1 grub and 1 lime application.

Fall Visits

Fall cleanups consist of removing all the leaves from your property. This is typically done in two visits because we always expect that more leaves will fall. After the additional leaves have fallen, our second visit will be the most thorough.


Keep oxygen and water flowing through your soil properly. We'll extract cores from your lawn to keep everything healthy.

Bed Maintenance

This consists of us coming to your property on a bi-weekly schedule and weeding, fertilizing, and edging your beds so they look great.

Annual Flowers

Need an extra pop of color in your lawn? We can plant a variety of annuals in your flower beds that work great with your property.


Our team can help your trees and shrubs fight infestations, insects, and diseases with proper pruning.

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