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How it works!

We have a per-pass/per visit system, meaning each time we come to plow your driveway we charge for a pass. 

We plow if the town plows. However we do have a few small storms a year that we find our clients prefer we scrape the driveway which results in faster melting and less chance of re-freeze. 

Our goal is to keep your driveway clear so it is as safe as possible all winter. We try to make a pass every 3-5 inches depending on the storm, accumulation etc. This system works well however if we have a fast moving or extremely heavy wet snow, we may charge accordingly when we get to your driveway. 

24 Hour Service!

We Stake Your Driveway!

Day or night we will be there to keep you safe and keep your driveway clear!

To prevent lawn damage we will pre-stake your driveway when you sign up with us. 

Communication is Key!

Free Lawn Repair!

We send out pre-storm emails to all of our clients outlining the storm and our plan, so you’r always in the know of whats happening. 

Additionally, we can always be reached by email, text, or call. 

If you choose our pre-pay premium package you will get free lawn repair from any damage that occurs over the winter.